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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What Windscreen Should I Purchase?

A: That's what this entire website is about!  People who ask this usually want a quick and simple answer.  Instead, with five minute research, you can most likely come to an informed conclusion with the aid of information on this website.


Q: What is the Best Material Type?

A: See Windscreen Types for a full review.


Q: How Long Should a Windscreens Last?

A: Ideally, it should last the lifetime of your car.


Q: Can I Raise and Lower the Top With the Windscreen Remaining In Place?

A: You should be able to.  If not, the windscreen will be greatly inconvenient, and you most likely will reduce your use over time.


Q: Can Acrylic or Lexan windscreens break or sheer in an auto accident, causing injury?

A: Windscreen Reviews | Wind Deflector Review is not away of any accident where this has ever happened.


Q: Help!  I can't find a windscreen for my car.

A: Try DropTop.  This company produces custom sized windscreens.





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