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Overall: Windblox  Windblox hits it by being a well-rounded windscreen: Great performance and excellent value leader.  Windblox provides a rock-solid satisfaction policy, the strongest backing, with a 30-day return period and free shipping for returns.  Finally, Windblox is the only vendor backing up its windscreens with a lifetime warranty.  Windblox windscreens rank highest, demonstrating how customers are pleased with their purchase, performance, and aesthetics of this windscreen.

Performance: BackBlade  Whereas other windscreens are aesthetically designed, this windscreen is engineering designed.  The result is the highest performance; for you, this means the least turbulence in the cockpit, of any windscreen you can find. Plus, no other windscreen has the strength of their 100 day return policy and unlimited lifetime warranty.

Lighted: Wind Restrictor  Our simple recommendation - if you want a lighted or etched windscreen, then Wind Restrictor is your best option.  If you don't want these cosmetic thrills, then other windscreens are a more compelling option.  Undoubtedly, Wind Restrictor are beautiful windscreens, but that beauty comes at a cost: top-end prices, gentle and prone to premature wear, difficult installation, and windscreen failure.  Like owning a Ferrari, it looks gorgeous on the show room floor, but that doesn't mean it's necessarily suitable to become your daily-driver.  Still, if you want a windscreen that wow's 'em at the car club, this one will make the crowd envious.

Tempered Glass: Kappa Wind Blade  Some people just want the clarity of glass, and for this crowd, there's Kappa.  Kappa provides a selection of glass windscreens, which indeed looks brilliant.  With their colorized and lighting options, these can be spectacular windscreens.  On the flip side, the windscreen can be brittle.

Mesh Screen: Love the Drive (for North America) and Wind ESA (for Europeans).  These windscreens are among the most expensive category in the windscreen market, but if you're not price sensitive and insist upon a mesh windscreen.  These windscreens perform very well, but at the cost of consuming the back seat.  Both vendors manufacture quality units and provide notable service, but you still need to be careful that mesh can rip and tear.



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